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Grow Your Own Powerful Nutrition

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Hey there gardener and farmer friends! I wrote a course!

Did you know that Laurentian University's Centre for Continuing Learning is finding ways to develop super affordable opportunities on topics of sustainability, agriculture and rural northern living?

We've partnered with them to put together this 10hr self-paced online course so you can learn all you've wanted to learn about growing microgreens. The course comes packed with activities, resources and tools for learning. We're offering it for a modest $100.

Registration opens three times a year right now, with the next registration periods ending December 13, 2023 and February 28, 2024. Scan the QR code in the image below, or follow this link to register:

While you are shopping for your growing supplies, we recommend a few different products that we use in our microgreens production and aquatic garden:

  1. Check out Barrina grow lights. These are the LED lights that we use, and are quite pleased with. Learn more about these great lights HERE.

  2. For more than five years, we have been buying Mumm's Sprouting Seeds. As a Canadian company, selling high quality and organic seeds, we have been consistently satisfied with our purchases. A good selection of their products can be found HERE.

Happy learning and experimenting with micros! As an Amazon associate, we earn a commission on sales made through the above growing supply links, making our recommendations another simple way you can support our family farm - without costing you ANYTHING extra!

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