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  • What the heck is haskap?
    These little treasures are found across the boreal regions of the world, including the northern tip of Japan, where is it known as "haskappu" by the Ainu people and is prized as the berry of eyesight and longevity. We like to tell people that it tastes like a raspberry and a blueberry had a baby, although that is DEFINITELY not what happened in the case of this delicious northern native fruit.
  • When are haskap berries in season
    Haskap is one of the first fruits to ripen in the spring, and is often in season just ahead of strawberries, or at the same time. On our farm we harvest haskap from mid-late June until early-mid August.
  • Do you have a pick your own field?
    We do! Our main pick your own field offers our favourite varieties of haskap - they are sweet and juicy and ideal for fresh berry eating!
  • Where are La Belle Vie Farm products made?
    We make everything in our farm-to-table public health inspected kitchen! This is also where our small farm store is! We can’t wait to show you! We also collaborate with friends at Ferme Ojalammi to freeze dry some of our products.
  • What consulting services do you offer?
    Both Tara and Denis are seasoned and professional grant writers and are able to support other small farm businesses and not-for-profits in preparing and accessing funding through a variety of grants. Between us we have been successful in applying for more than 100 grants in the private, non-profit and public sectors.
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